Here’s a funny thing about the average human eyeball and eardrum:
They do a great job of keeping out medical information

headshot for webFling some medical jargon at a consumer audience, and most of it will bounce off their eyes and veer away from their ears. The same often happens when you give folks scary news about their health, or suggest they do something that involves discomfort (like stopping smoking) or extra work (like joining a clinical trial). The message just doesn’t reach the part of their brain that triggers action.

Good doctors know this. So do good journalists and marketers. I’m sure you know this, whoever you are. Yet the world remains awash in health-related messages that didn’t get through the audiences’ eyes and ears. And the clutter keeps rising.

Let’s do it right. Let’s create content that goes all the way to your readers’ and listeners’ minds. Let’s use plain language to educate them, stories to capture their imagination, evidence-based methods to change their behaviors, and perhaps a little humor to make them happy.

This is the one thing I do for a living: I craft content that’s appealing and persuasive. I’ve nudged people’s health-related decisions via magazines, content marketing, books, brochures, call-center scripts, digital media, video, and radio.

However you’re trying to reach your audience, I can help you create the connection. (I still don’t know who you are, by the way. Let’s do something about that!)