The plan, at one point, was to spend my career photo for websitein newspapers. I veered away from that plan after a few years when I landed a job at Rodale, one of the nation’s leading health and fitness publishers. After helping write and develop more than a dozen books, I took another turn and set up my own shop.

Since then, I’ve been working with a variety of news outlets, publishers, and content marketers on the national and local level. The media may change, but the mission remains the same: Convey a message that improves the readers’ lives, using language that grabs their attention and inspires them to make new choices.

A partial client list includes:

• EverydayHealth
Harvard Health Publications
HCI Books
VMS BioMarketing
Imagination Publishing

I’m based in Indianapolis and have the work ethic and pleasant demeanor often attributed to Midwesterners. I have degrees in journalism and public health. I also have a background in improv comedy, and most likely remain the only person to be published in WebMD and the McSweeney’s humor website in the same week.