My Services

I develop content that connects with your audience, whether you’re:

  • A publisher in need of a ghostwriter or co-author to translate a doctor’s expertise into an appealing book
  • A medical news outlet with a mission to inform and educate
  • A marketer creating blogs, websites, social media content, white papers, brochures, newsletters, or sales training documents for a hospital, pharmaceutical company, medical practice, or other health-related organization
  • A patient recruiter for clinical trials
  • A government agency or nonprofit
  • Anyone with a health-related brand and a story to tell about it

  • About 90 percent of my work is aimed at the consumer market, but I’m also experienced at creating clear, concise content for clinicians.

    Let’s work together to develop your message and ensure that it engages your audience and gives you a reason to say something like:

    “Just wanted to let you know how strong I think your first drafts are, and how much they are in line with our strategic vision. Great job, great work!” Content strategist at content marketing agency

    “Yes, yes, yes—the material is spot on. THANK YOU!” Allison Janse, editor, HCI Books

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